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Jean-Baptiste Leca, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

University of Lethbridge


Past and other research activities

In collaboration with other researchers, I conducted or participated in studies on:

  • Aggressive and post-conflict interactions in white-faced capuchin monkeys [REPORT]
  • Social dynamics of fur rubbing behavior in white-faced and brown capuchin monkeys [REPORT]
  • Social learning of leaf-swallowing behavior (i.e., a form of self-medication) in chimpanzees [REPORT]
  • The ontogeny of foraging competence in brown capuchin monkeys [REPORT]

I also participated in a primate conservation project:

A survey of the population density and abundance of ebony leaf monkeys in West Bali National Park, Indonesia [REPORT].

Additional publication:

  • Gunst & Leca (2011): Non-refereed report published by the Rufford Foundation

See also:

Finally, I co-edited a book (Leca, Huffman, & Vasey, 2012) and published a review chapter on the benefits of long-term primatological research  [BOOK CHAPTER]